Covid-19 is still with us, but restrictions are easing. From 1st March 2022 restrictions on driving tests in England are being relaxed. And as such, requirements on driving lessons will also ease.

If either instructor or learner is showing symptoms of, or had a positive test for Covid, then no lesson can take place. This will be either from 5days of symptons first showing, or from the positive test. It is advised that this is also applied for driving tests also, in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

The instructor will make sure the car is clean, before and after each lesson and wipe down any surfaces with anti bacterial and anti viral wipes when needed.

Students are asked to wash their hands before and after each lesson, or use the hand sanitizer available in the car.

During the lesson, several measures are necessary to keep everyone safe:

  • Face masks are advised, but no longer compulsory
  • Windows will remain open for ventilation (rain deflectors have been fitted for comfort)
  • Payments should be made by bank transfer were possible (but cash can still be accepted)

Changes to the driving tests:

  • face coverings will be a personal choice for practical and theory test candidates and examiners
  • driving tests will no longer end early unless the candidate‚Äôs driving is so poor it is a risk to their safety and that of other road users – in line with the pre-COVID-19 policy
  • instructors and accompanying drivers are able to sit in on driving tests
  • you no longer have to self isolate if you have COVID-19, but we encourage you to rearrange your test if you feel unwell for any reason