Driving Tests

There are several stages before you can get your full car driving licence. You will first need a provisional driving licence, followed by taking two driving tests: the theory and practical; along with any training needed to pass the tests. This page includes information on the 3 stages.

provisional licence
Provisional Driving Licence sample

You will first need to get a provisional driving licence, before you can book a test, or take driving lessons. You will need to have received you can book either test or start driving lessons, either with a friend or family, or a professional instructor.

You can apply for your UK provisional driving licence here. The cost is £34, unless you apply by post, which increases the fee to £43.

Theory Test Sign
Theory Test

The driving theory test is made up of two sections; the questions and answers and the hazard perception.

The question section contains 50 multiple choice questions, and you will need to answer at least 43 correctly to pass. The hazard perception test contains 14 short video clips, in which you need to identify developing hazards as earlier as possible. The earlier you spot them the more points you will receive. There is a maximum of 5 points per hazard, with one video clip containing two hazards. To pass this section you will need to score at least 44 points out of the 75 available.

You will be allowed a maximum of 57minutes to complete both sections, and to get your theory pass certificate, you will need to pass both sections of the test on the same attempt.

You can not book your practical test until you have passed the theory test, but you can take practical lessons while studying for the theory.

You can book your theory test here, and it will cost £23.

test pass certificate
Practical Test Pass

The practical test is the final stage in getting a full licence. It takes around 38-40minutes, and there are several parts to it.

  • Licence Check (the examiner will check your licence first)
  • Eyesight check (you need to be able to read a number plate from at least 20meters away)
  • Show Me/Tell Me Questions (which can be found here)
  • Controlled Stop (Emergency stop)
  • Reversing Exercise (1 out of Parallel Park, Bay Park – reversing in or out of the space, and pull up on the right, reverse two car lengths, then drive on)
  • 20 Minutes independent driving (either following sat nav or signs)

The drive will take in a variety of road and traffic conditions, and you must deal with every scenario safely. To pass the test you can make no serious or dangerous faults (often referred to as major faults), and no more than 15 driving faults (often referred to as minor faults).

You can book your test here. It should cost £62 (£75 for evenings or weekends)

It is worth noting, that if you get 6 or more points in the first two years of driving (after you pass your practical test), you will lose your licence and have to start the process again.